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Good Leaders are always Good Listeners
Published By anchanvinay5 on 2009-11-11 902 Views

Listening skill is essential to improve communication skill of the person who wants become a successful leader. To become a good listener he should have a lot of patience. People who like to become an effective public speaker primarily forget that they should be good listener before. In that part listening is the most neglected skill in communication process. Listening is a skill which can be developed and it is not the skill by birth. In good listening there are several benefits. People can improve interpersonal relationship with co workers or friends. Effective listening increases professional image to the person. If it lacks it leads to communication gap that will result in misunderstandinga, false expectations and disappointments and spoiled relationships. Good listening helps to face the interviews with self confidence which can bring satisfaction to the candidate about the performance. Good listening helps to increase knowledge and one’s ability to absorb new information faster and retain it longer. It also improves marketing skill and negotiation abilities which are very necessary for the improvement of business. Poor listeners always lose opportunities to show their hidden talents to the world. Many failure and problems in business and personal lives are due to poor listening. Poor listening may ruin one’s career and friendship, create hurt feelings and may even cause to war between nations. As told before, good leader must be a good listener. Effective leaders and managers who carefully listen to their employees are sure about professional success. Obviously good listeners are effective communicators also. The big difference between hearing and listening is, hearing is related to the physical occurrence. Hearing doesn’t require any efforts or skill. But listening is a learned skill. Listening is hearing with a purpose. Listening is a highly dynamic process, which requires a lot of careful attention and concentration. Careful listening is an essential factor to take wise decisions.

When one listens effectively one can understand the information by analyzing and interpreting it. Hence listening with full attention makes understand the subject properly and gives a complete understanding of what the speaker means. Undoubtedly one won’t become a good speaker unless he is a good listener. Effective listening is also selective listening. A good mechanic can identify the problems of vehicle just by listening to the sounds of the vehicle. Poor listening is usually unconditional and simply supported from bad habits. Normally everyone has some listening problems. Listening is hard work that requires determination and energy. It is challenging activity. Effective listeners can look for positive purpose to their listening. If one is a good listener, then there will be benefits that strengthen personal relations. Listening is a strong interpersonal skill which increases communicative competence. Good listening fosters rapport and solidifies friendship with friends. Good listener acknowledges the speakers message with great respect and honor. A receptive listener can increase the self esteem of the speaker, which is a basic human desire. Prospective listeners are obviously broad minded and the speakers can feel the wholesome ambience, when they interact with some nice people. Listening skill is also very important for students. Basic intelligence can be sharpened by increasing the proper knowledge. If a student is a good listener he need not put much effort for study because he can access enough knowledge by listening lecturing sessions carefully. Some students if they are good listener may be looked relaxed at the time of examination. If one person wants become a good leader he should be a good follower before. Likewise if a person likes too be good public speaker he must be a good listener. .
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